San Jose, CA

Crescent Village

General Contractor

The Irvine Company Apartment Communities


MVE & Partners




4-6 Months for Each Building

Completion Date

December 2014

Project Summary

This $52.1 million project included the construction of 5 buildings: 237,948 sf, 241,308 sf 204,560 sf, 205,930 sf, 192,007 sf Mixed use, luxury rental units. Building one is a highly articulated podium brought out of the ground during the winter of 2011. Mat foundation design was modified by Pacific Structures to eliminate trade move-ins and get sub-grade covered up significantly earlier than standard mats. Buildings two and three were completed simultaneously in under four months with a crew size of 150 union personnel forming and pouring an average of 550 CY every work day for the entire duration of the project. Buildings four and five are interfaced unlike the other three.

Market Sectors

Project Types