Time-lapse Video of Night Pour at 45 Lansing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFoA4cUPPaU – The 3,294 CY mat pour marks a major milestone for this project and the company as a whole. Mat sections ranged from 5’6″ to 7’0″ thick with certain sections up to 14’0″ thick. The initial pour set-up started at 6pm on Saturday, Oct. 5th and lasted until 2:30pm on Sunday, Oct. 6th with crews working around the clock. The site was logistically very difficult, at the corner of 1st and Harrison Streets, surrounded by residences and only 100ft of street frontage allowing for only 2 concrete pumps.

The most reinforcement was needed in the shear walls around the core of the building which reached over 14′ thick. The gravity columns throughout the building were between 5′-7′ thick. The pour, which lasted just under 21 hours, receiving concrete from two batch plants; one in South San Francisco and one in Oakland. Throughout the night, 3,294 CY were poured from 366 trucks carrying 9 yards/load. Over 120 people were on-site throughout the pour including field staff, off-site support, and truck drivers.

Community outreach was incredibly important to the project team due to the time and location. From 7am-9am on Sunday, the team hosted coffee, bagels, and concrete lessons to the adjacent neighbors to keep them informed. From start to finish, it was an extremely successful pour.